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The village of Saint-Mathieu

Peinture de F. Perhirin (Peintre officiel des Armées)

Large walled areas separate the abbey from the village. Of what was a prosperout merchant town as far back as the XIIth century, there only remains a few old houses among which is the " Hostellerie de la Pointe1 and a few enclosures surrrounded by law flowered walls between which it is pleasant to walk.

Documents, the names of some fields, débris of slates and potteries show that the "town" was formerly larger and more populated than it is nowadays. Severely ransacked during the Anglo-Dutch raid of 1558, it never recovered its previous properity.

The development of Brest in the XVIIth century reduce the shipping trade of coastal cities : Saint-Mathieu et le Conquet. Today, Saint-Mathieu is attended by numerous visitors who are attracted by the magnifiscent landscape, the impressive architecture and the charm of the village carefulby flowered by its inhabitants.

1*** excellent table

The tow crosses

That is the name given in the land register to the tow steles of the Iron Age which are surmounted by crosses and stand a few meters from the boundary of the ancient town.

The path to the Ropects

A path runs all along the indented coast. At some hundred meters, east of Saint-mathieu, the sector of the Rospects still preserves a set of "davieds", which are bold stone constructions built on the tops of steep cliffs and formerly used to haist seaweeds out of beaches, inaccessible to farmers’ carts.